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  Abdulrahman Al lahim

Human Rights Lawyer and Legal Counselor

Sirikon Bldg. Olaya Main Road, No. 14, 5th Floor,

Office No.505, P.O.Box: 301413, Riyadh 11372,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Email aallahem@gmail.com

Education:           Master’s Degree in Regulation Studies

Institute of Public Administration, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2001

                                Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Law (Sharia)

                                Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University, Qassim, Saudi Arabia, 1997

Law Cases:          FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The Three Reformers (Dr. Al-Hamed, Dr. Al-Matrook, and Mr. Al-Dumaini) (2004)

Due to my defense of three activists calling for a democracy or constitutional monarchy instead of absolute royal family power, I was imprisoned for 9 months in 2004, and banned from traveling outside Saudi Arabia for 5 years.

WOMEN RIGHTS: The “Qatif Girl” rape case (2008)

Appealed for a 19-year-old raped victim who was sentenced to 200 lashes and imprisoned for 6 months for being alone with a man who is not a relative. Besides major Middle Eastern media channels, the case called the attention of various western media, such as: BBC, New York Times, ABC, and CNN.  Later, the rape victim was pardoned by King Abdullah.  Due to my objection in this case, my lawyer’s license was revoked by Saudi authorities.

RELIGIOUS POLICE: Om Faisal against the “Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice” (2007)

First law suit in the history Saudi Arabia against the “Religious Police” and Ministry of Justice.

HOMOSEXUAL RIGHTS: Rabah Al-Quaie case

Defendant accused of apostasy from his religion for writing online about homosexual rights.

FREEDOM OF RELIGION: “Teacher. Mohammed Al-Harbi”

Defendant accused of apostasy from his religion for criticizing fundamentalism and “Wahabisim.”

RACISM: Fatima and Mansour

After five years of marriage, the court revoked the couple’s marriage contract and enforced divorce due to racial differences.  Fatima belongs to a tribe while her husband, Mansour, does not.

SEVERE VERDICTS: The old lady of Shamli

A 72-year-old Syrian lady was sentenced 40 lashes, imprisoned for 4 months and deported from Saudi Arabia for being alone with a male person who is not relative.  The verdict conflicts with the international standards for fair trials.

Awards:               International Human Rights Lawyer Award by the American Bar Association (2008)

Award was earned after my appeal of “Qatif Girl” rape case.  I was unable to collect the award in person due to the confiscation of my passport by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior.

Human Rights Watch Award, London (2008)

Award was not received in person as I was in banned from traveling outside Saudi Arabia and imprisoned for my defense in the “Three Reformers” case.

                                Experience:        Human Rights Lawyer, Private Law Office (2004-2008)

Following the resignation of the General Auditing Burea as a legal counselor, I opened my private office and concentrated on law cases related to human rights.  I provided legal aid for plaintiffs with human right cases but unable to pay lawyer’s expenses.  All law cases mentioned above were through this social volunteer service.  The target was to offer 1500 hours a year for people with human right lawsuits.  The target was not achieved due to the revocation of my lawyer’s license by government.

Attended International forums on Human Trafficking and Migrant labour held in Thailand, Philippines and Sri Lanka in recent past.

Column Writer, Al-Watan (The Nation) newspaper, Saudi Arabia (2002 – 2004)

Weekly column about human rights and judicial system in one of the liberal newspapers in Saudi Arabia.

At present Column Writer, Al-Jazeera (The Nation) newspaper, Saudi Arabia in Opinion page.

Director, Saudi Lawyers’ Network (www.mohamoon-ksa.com) (2001-2003)

The first network offering legal resources for lawyers in Saudi Arabia.

Legal Counselor, General Auditing Bureau (2003)

Teacher, Ministry of Education (1997-1999)

Islamic Law (Sharia) Teacher

TV Interviews

In addition to participation in Washington Post, CNN, and ABC, I participated in major Middle Eastern TV channels such as Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, LBC, and Al-Hurra, regarding human rights and judicial system.

Languages:         Arabic (Native)

 Fair knowledge in English


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